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Delivery prices: V. district 150 huf, XIII, VI, VII, III. and to Hüvösvölgy and 2/A 300 huf
Only deliver in the VIII. to Orczy-Fiumei way, IX. to Haller street
Free deliver in XII, I, II. district but not all 


Chef's offer for the week

Lemon flavored greek turkey ragout soup with marinated sheep cheese 1 150 Ft
Chestnut tunnel with rum 1 350 Ft
Box of sushi with salmon and mango 2 750 Ft
Tuna-avocado roll 2 990 Ft
Jalapeno and cheddar stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon served with cream cheese mashed potatoes 3 550 Ft
Salmon miso with thai fried rice and bamboo 3 990 Ft
Duck steak with grilled bok choy and sesame seeds green salad


4 150 Ft

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Leroy Classic

Leroy Classic
Beef Consommé with garden vegetables and noodles 950 Ft
Pumpkin cream soup with apple served with mellowed dried plum and amaretti biscuit crumbs 980 Ft
Marzipan strawberry cream soup with almond cottage-cheese dumplings 990 Ft
Veal ragout soup 990 Ft
Bean soup with smoked pork hock and sautéed sausage 1 080 Ft
Provance len soup with smoked goose breast served with creme fresh 1 080 Ft

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Caesar Salad Vegetarian1 450 Ft
Greeksalad 1 650 Ft
Eggplant dip with toasted pita and tomato 1 850 Ft
Spicy chicken wings with chili and honey sauce 6pc 1 890 Ft
Almond breaded camambert with blueberry jam 1 950 Ft
Caesar Salad with sautéed chicken breast 2 050 Ft
Turkish salad with chicken marinated in yogurt and pita 2 050 Ft
Mediterranean tuna salad

(fresh vegetables, mayonnaise with sun-dried tomato, tuna, chiabatta)

2 090 Ft
Thai salad with chicken and chili mayonnaise 2 150 Ft
Owen-baked goat cheese steak with honey-dijon walnut and salad 2 190 Ft
Spicy chicken wings with chili and honey sauce 12pc 2 780 Ft
Caesar salad with garlic shrimp skewer 2 850 Ft
Beef tartare 3 480 Ft
Tenderloin salad Leroy style

with hummus, eggplant paste, pita

3 480 Ft
Spicy chicken wings with chili and honey sauce 18pc 3 880 Ft
Spicy chicken wings with chili and honey sauce 36 pc 6 780 Ft

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Po‘ boy cesar sandwich

New Orleans style made by baguette
(bacon, icesalad, rome salad, cajun bbq chicken breast, parmesan, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, cesar mayo, home-made french fries)

1 890 Ft

(ciabatta, honey-dijon mustard duck breast, duck ham, maasdamer cheese, salads, mixed salad)

1 990 Ft

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Main courses
Chili con carne

tortilla chips, spicy sour cream, cheddar cheese

1 890 Ft
Chicken breast with cheese sauce 2 150 Ft
XXL Wiener schnitzel 2 150 Ft
Chicken steak with green pepper sauce served with cherry tomato confit 2 250 Ft
Chicken tikka masala

toasted chicken bites in ginger-tomato creamy sauce

2 590 Ft
Tandoori chicken masala

marinated chicken breast bites fried on 400 °C in spicy sauce with 2 greek pita bread

2 590 Ft
Spare ribs baked with honey mustard served with bacon mashed potato 2 680 Ft
Grilled chicken breast in camambert crisp coat served with grilled asparagus and zucchini 2 690 Ft
Basil chicken breast in pita with eggplant dip, tomatoes, salad with yoghurt, jasmin rice 2 780 Ft
Chicken & chips with coleslaw 2 780 Ft
Marinated chicken breast with mashed potato and mixed salad 2 780 Ft
Teriyaki salmon with sushi rice 2 790 Ft
Bacon wrapped chicken breast with grilled jalapeno, garlic sauce, tomato salsa and jasmine rice 2 950 Ft
Grilled smoked knuckle of pork with sour creme and parenica cheese served with homemade potato dumplings with cottage cheese 2 980 Ft
Chicken FAJITAS roasted in tortilla with Leroy dips Spicy hot

Baked bean purée, guacamole, tomato salsa, spicy sour cream

2 990 Ft
Calf stuffed with parma ham and dutch cheese in parmesan coat served with asparagus and porcini mayo 3 150 Ft
Owen-baked neck of pork with parenica, onion and potato 3 150 Ft
Panko fried cod with parmesan mashed potato with green peas 3 290 Ft
Duck tight confit with lyon onion-mashed potato served with dried plum cabbage 3 650 Ft
Créme fraiche roasted salmon with chili shrimp fried rice 3 690 Ft
Rosemary lamb shank with ricotta gnocchi served with confit cherry tomato 3 790 Ft
Valencia paella

(chicken breast, chorizo, shrimp, salmon, cod, black shell)

3 980 Ft
Goose liver with plump jam roly-poly served with cranberry salad 4 250 Ft

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Thai sweet potato cream soup with toasted cashew and fresh coriander Spicy hot1 080 Ft
Black honey

(banana-chocolate cream with mandel served with paleolithic chocolate cake pieces)

1 550 Ft
Poppy seed pudding with hazelnut dried plum tart 1 550 Ft
Bacon wrapped chicken breast served with sesame seeds broccoli and baked carrot 3 250 Ft
Grilled chicken tight served with baked zucchini and sweet potato 3 450 Ft
Grilled salmon with ginger, spinach vegetable patties, carrot puree 3 950 Ft

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Garganelli all’arrabbiata 1 950 Ft
Gnocchi with goat cheese sauce, black pepper and parma ham 2 250 Ft
Gnocchi with taleggio cheese sauce and breaded chicken breast strips 2 350 Ft
Beef lasagne with tomato and cheese 2 490 Ft
Garganelli with duck ragout and porcini 2 550 Ft
Low calorie penne with basil tomato ragout and mozzarella 2 690 Ft
Low calorie penne piccole with spinach-cream scamorza cheese 2 790 Ft
Spaghetti with chili-basil king prawn in rustic style served with parmesan shivers 2 990 Ft
Salmon-cream tagliatelle with cherry tomato and ruccola 3 190 Ft
Tagliatelle with smoked tenderloin and ruccola 3 280 Ft
Spaghetti with frutti di mare in rustic style with mascarpone-basil tomato mayo 3 290 Ft
King prawn with carbonara mayo and linguine pasta 3 990 Ft

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Green & cheese

(sesame seed bun, mozzarellavegetable meatloaf, grilled „gomolya” cheese, sun-dried tomato cream, fresh vegetables, tomato, cesar mayo)

2 190 Ft
Peppery burger

(sesame seed bun, grilled burger patty, cheddar, iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, mayonnaise with jalapeno, ketchup, bacon, avocado, french fries)

2 190 Ft
Yankee burger

sesame seed bun, meat patty with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, fresh vegetables, cheddar, Dijon mustard cream, onion chips

2 190 Ft

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Boston grill

(tortilla, turkey ham, beer battered chicken bites, tomato, cheese cream, bell pepper, iceberg lettuce, onion)

1 990 Ft
Catalan wrap

(serrano ham, spanish crispy meat balls, mandel-tomato mayo, salads, mozzarella)

1 990 Ft
Thai wrap

wok chicken breast strips, grilled vegetables, fried egg, salad, basil-red curry mayonnaise, french fries

1 990 Ft

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Side dishes
Steamed jasmine rice 490 Ft
French fries in rustic style 510 Ft
Mashed potatoes 510 Ft
Oven-baked potatoes 510 Ft
Spicy potato slices 510 Ft
Brown rice with butter and herbs 690 Ft
Jasmine rice with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes 690 Ft
Grilled vegetables 990 Ft
Paleo spicy sweet potato wedges 990 Ft

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Coleslaw 550 Ft
Cucumber salad with sourcream 550 Ft
Home made pickles 550 Ft
Tomato salad 550 Ft
Insalata mista Vegetarian720 Ft
Cherry tomato salad 750 Ft
Garden salad

(fresh salads, purple cabbage, carrots, tomato, onion, parsley, lemon and extra virgin olive oil)

1 100 Ft
Ruccola salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan 1 250 Ft

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Honey-chocolate Leroyka 890 Ft
Honey-walnut Leroyka 890 Ft
Brownie with almonds and hot chocolate 990 Ft
Crépe cake with apple and caramell 990 Ft
Crépe cake with apricot, curd cheese and vanilla sauce 990 Ft
Crépe cake with hazelnut and chocolate sauce 990 Ft
Curd cheese and cereal dumplings with forest fruit sauce 1 050 Ft
Ginger-walnut carrot cake 1 050 Ft
Walnut-mandel fruit bread with Swiss chocolate cream, blueberry compote 1 250 Ft

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Ketchup (1 portion) 150 Ft
Sour cream 150 Ft
Cheese sauce 350 Ft
Chili sauce with honey 350 Ft
Spicy sour cream 350 Ft

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Sauces, extras
Pita (1 pcs) 180 Ft
Pita (1pc) 180 Ft
Blueberry jam 350 Ft
Caesar sauce 350 Ft
Cheese sauce 350 Ft
Chili sauce with honey 350 Ft
Chocolate sauce 350 Ft
Fajitas dips (baked bean purée, guacamole, tomato salsa, spicy sour cream) 350 Ft
Forest fruit sauce 350 Ft
Mayonaise 350 Ft
Mexican chili sauce 350 Ft
Pizza sauce 350 Ft
Vanilla sauce 350 Ft

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Wok dishes

Fried rice
Fried rice with eggs 990 Ft
Fried rice with vegetables 990 Ft
Fried rice with mozzarella 1 890 Ft
Bejing fried rice with egg, vegetables, bamboo, spring onion, soya and tofu 1 990 Ft
Bejing fried rice with egg, vegetables, bamboo, spring onion, soya and chicken breast 2 290 Ft
Bejing fried rice with egg, vegetables, bamboo, spring onion, soya and king crab 2 990 Ft

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Fried noodles
Pad thai with TOFU

(fried rice noodles with spring onion, peanut, chili and fresh coriander)

1 900 Ft
Pad thai with CHICKEN BREAST

(fried rice noodles with spring onion, peanut, chili and fresh coriander)

2 290 Ft
Malaysian noodles with chili chicken 2 350 Ft
Pad thai with KING CRAB

(fried rice noodles with spring onion, peanut, chili and fresh coriander)

2 990 Ft

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Miso soup Vegetarian570 Ft
Spicy miso soup with tiger shrimp Spicy hot750 Ft
Tom Kha Kai

Thai chicken soup with coconut milk

850 Ft
Ramen soup with vegetables and udon 1 100 Ft
Mango cream soup with almond 1 150 Ft
Ramen Soup with Teriyaki Chicken and Udon Noodle 1 310 Ft

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Boiled Soybeans w/Salt Vegetarian590 Ft
Sushi rice 640 Ft
Spring Rolls (Vegetable and cheese) Vegetarian1 490 Ft
Spring roll with cabbage and chicken (6 db) 1 590 Ft
Avocado salad with grilled shrimps 1 990 Ft
Panko breaded black tiger shrimps with salad 2 420 Ft

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Main Sushi Courses
Tempura breaded vegetables with ginger rice 1 890 Ft
Sesame seedsbreaded chicken breast stripswith broccoli sushi rice and wasabi yogurt 2 250 Ft
Teriyaki duck breast with thai salad 2 590 Ft
Teriyaki salmon with wasabi sushi rice 2 790 Ft

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Normal Rolls (cut into 6 pieces) - Maki
Cucumber Maki sushi Vegetarian

(The photo is for illustration only, we deliver 6 pieces)


690 Ft
Egg roll maki Vegetarian700 Ft
Avocado roll maki Vegetarian890 Ft
Smoked salmon roll 1 060 Ft
Salmon roll maki

(The photo is for illustration only, we deliver 6 pieces)

1 100 Ft
Black tiger shrimp roll 1 140 Ft
Tuna roll maki

(The photo is for illustration only, we deliver 6 pieces)

1 150 Ft
Sweet shrimp roll maki 1 190 Ft
Duck liver roll maki 1 550 Ft

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Nigiri sushi (1 piece)
Egg nigiri Vegetarian240 Ft
Shiitake mushroom nigiri 420 Ft
Salmon nigiri 450 Ft
Duck liver nigiri 520 Ft
Sweet shrimp nigiri 550 Ft
Black tiger shrimp nigiri 650 Ft
Tuna nigiri 650 Ft

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Special Rolls (6 pieces)
Spicy salmon roll

Salmon, spicy mayo, avocado

1 910 Ft
Salmon-avocado roll 2 050 Ft
Tatsu roll

salmon, cream cheese, avocado, masago

2 510 Ft
Special shrimp roll

breaded shrimp, avocado, black tiger shrimp

2 650 Ft
Rainbow roll

salmon, tuna, sea bass, avocado, surimi, vegetables

2 750 Ft
Spicy tuna roll Spicy hot2 800 Ft
Alaska roll

Smoked salmon, avocado, tiger shrimp, toasted sesame seed

2 850 Ft

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Mega Rolls (cut into 8 pieces)
California roll

surimi, avocado, cucumber

1 790 Ft
Camembert roll

camembert, smoked salmon, apple, iceberg lettuce

1 990 Ft
Futomaki roll

egg, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, surimi

2 150 Ft
Szuszo maki

salmon, eel, sea bass, avocado wrapped in salmon breaded in japanese breadcrumbs

2 350 Ft
TG-Manga Special roll

tuna, salmon, black tiger shrimp, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise

2 950 Ft

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Sashimi Plates
Salmon sashimi marinated in spicy teriyaki sauce 2 430 Ft
Salmon Sashimi 6 pcs 2 850 Ft
Tuna Sashimi 6 pcs 3 210 Ft
Mixed Sashimi

tuna, salmon, sea bass, octopus, scallop, black tiger shrimp, sweet shrimp, salmon roe

4 320 Ft

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Sushi Plates
Shogun (roll selection)

3x tuna tartare, 3x torpedo shrimp, 3x smoked salmon, 3x avocado

2 260 Ft
Geisha (mixed selection)

1x avocado nigiri, 1x tuna nigiri, 3x black tiger shrimp roll, 3x salmon roll, 3x omlette roll

2 480 Ft
Hidai (roll selection)

3x avocado roll, 3 x surimi roll, 3x black tiger shrimp roll,
3x salmon roll, 3x tuna roll, 3x egg roll

2 690 Ft
Omakase (roll selection)

4x Manga Special, 3x tuna, 3x salmon, 3x black tiger shrimp

2 970 Ft
Nigiri sushi

tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, tiger shrimp, salmon caviar, sweet shrimp, egg, 3x cucumber roll, 3x salmon roll

3 900 Ft
Special salmon plate

salmon sashimi 6 pcs, salmon nigiri 4 pcs, salmon roll 6 pcs

4 990 Ft
Special tuna plate

tuna sashimi 6 pcs, tuna nigiri 4 pcs, tuna roll 6 pcs

6 490 Ft

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Bento Rolls
Nigiri bento

tuna, salmon, sea bass, sweet shrimp, black tiger shrimp, ostopus, eel, salmon roe, sushi rice, bento salad

4 780 Ft
Roll bento

4x roast beef tenderloin roll, 4x Manga Special, 3x duck liver, 3x black tiger shrimp, 3x tuna, 3x salmon

5 510 Ft

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Japanese rice pudding with coconut-chocolate sauce 1 190 Ft
Cottage cheese dumplings with almond and strawberry sauce 1 290 Ft
Hazelnut cream mochi with chocolate sauce 1 490 Ft

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Sushi extras
Chop stick (+1 pair) 150 Ft
Pickled Ginger (+1 portion) Spicy hot200 Ft
Wasabi (+1 portion) 200 Ft
Soy sauce (+1 piece) 250 Ft
Teriyaki sauce 250 Ft

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Naturaqua 0,5 l sparkling 210 Ft
Naturaqua 0,5 l still 210 Ft
Hell energy drink 0,25L 290 Ft
Hell strawberry zero 290 Ft
Coca cola 1,25 l 350 Ft
Coca Cola Zero 1,25 L 350 Ft
Coca-Cola light (1,25 l) 350 Ft
Fanta orange 1,25 l 350 Ft
Sprite 1,25 l New350 Ft
Lipton Ice Tea (0,5 l) Green Tea 370 Ft
Lipton Ice Tea (0,5 l) Lemon 370 Ft
Lipton Ice Tea (0,5 l) Peach 370 Ft
Lipton Ice Tea (0,5 l) Raspberries 370 Ft
Toma (0,33l) Apple 100% 370 Ft
Toma (0,33l) Orange 100% 370 Ft
Toma (0,33l) Peach 100% 370 Ft
Toma apple 0,2 L 370 Ft
Toma Blood Orange 0,5l 370 Ft
Toma Cherry-Apple 0,5l 370 Ft
Toma Multivitamine 0,5l 370 Ft
Red Bull 0,25 New490 Ft
Red Bull Sugarfree 0,25l 490 Ft
Leroy water sparkling 0,3L 690 Ft

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Payments accepted: in cash or major meal vouchers. Prices are in HUF and include VAT.

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